3-4 november, 2017

Theoretical course with demonstration

3-4 november, с 9:00 - 18:00

Kiev, Ukraine, Hotel "Khreschatyk"



Theoretical cours 2 days

Registration and payment
until September 15 - 400 EUR

16.09 - 20.10 - 450 EUR

21.10 - 2.11 - 500 EUR


2 days Theoretical cours


3-4 november,

Kiev, Ukraine

Hotel "Khreschatyk"

14, Khreshchatyk St.,




Registration, morning coffee - 8.30

start at - 9.00

Coffee brake - 10.30-11.00

Lunch - 12.30-13.30

Coffee brake - 15.00-16.30

Demo at - 17.30

Finish - 18.00

Would you like to know how do prosthodontists really apply DSD? How to integrate smile design and occlusion? How to get long term results without wasting time and extra manipulations? Would you like to get a lot of clinical tips from one of the best experts in complex cases? If so you can not miss this course!!!

Only 2 days and you will be updated in the field of clinical and evidence based prosthetic and esthetic dentistry

Dr. Marcelo Calamita

Marcelo Calamita graduated in 1988 from the University of Sao Paulo, where he also obtained his certificate, MS, and PhD in prosthodontics. He worked as clinical instructor in the Department of Prosthodontics of the same university for 17 years. He was associate professor of prosthodontics at University Braz Cubas and University of Guarulhos, both in Sao Paulo. Marcelo Calamita is the former president of the Brazilian Academy of Esthetic Dentistry and currently he is the president of Brazilian Society of Esthetic Dentistry. Dr. Calamita was editor-in-chief of the Dental Press Brazilian Journal of Esthetics and currently serves on the editorial board of the International Journal of Periodontics and Restorative Dentistry and International Journal of Esthetic Dentistry, Brazilian editions.

In addition, he has lectured nationally and internationally, written numerous scientific publications and chapters in textbooks on treatment planning, implants, and esthetic dentistry. He also maintains a private practice in Sao Paulo focusing on comprehensive restorative, esthetic and prosthetic implant dentistry.. 


Theoretical course with demonstration. 2 days

Course objectives: 

        ➢ Introduce a systematic approach to confidently and consistently treatment planning cases with different degrees of complexity, optimizing the esthetic, functional, supporting, and biological outcomes

        ➢ Provide scientific foundation to clinical decision-making and quality control

        ➢ Introduce and review state-of-the-art techniques and procedures for best results, including clinical videos for improved learning


What you will learn:

        ▪ Pre-clinical interview: tuning the patient's wishes and expectations. 

        ▪ The pragmatic evaluation: what is really meaningful?

        ▪ Digital Smile Design: the virtual esthetic design driving and integrating the emotional, functional, structural, and biological keys into a realistic treatment plan.

        ▪ The Interconsultation: brainstorming individualized solutions and treatment strategies for the patient

        ▪ Biomechanical analysis and restoration of structurally compromised dentition: clinically relevant and evidence-based selection of materials and techniques. 

        ▪ How to present the Treatment Plan to the patient? Ethical and effective techniques to increase case acceptance. 

        ▪ Smart preparations: from prepless to full coverage: multiple approaches for a customized solution; the link between Color Selection and Prep Design: “Do the Math”.

        ▪ Impressions: predictable and consistent high quality impressions on teeth and implants; evidence-based update and clinical tips for the best results.

        ▪ Final adjustments and cementation guidelines: what are the fundamental aspects when cementing ceramic restorations that will influence the long- term outcomes? Update on bonding procedures.

        ▪ Pink restoration: when it is indicated and how to accomplish it?

        ▪ Critical and practical aspects of occlusion: OVD, maxillomandibular relationships and guidance - what the clinician needs to know? A step-by- step technique for treatment stability and longevity. 

Price: 500 Euro

Registration and payment

until September 15 - 400 EUR

16.09 - 20.10 - 450 EUR

21.10 - 2.11 - 500 EUR

Place is warrantied only after payment In case of cancellation from participant's side refund of payment can be done not later then 20 days before 


The venue - hotel "Khreschatyk"
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