How to prepare enamel for veneer luting. Episode 1/4

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1/04 - How to prepare enamel for veneer luting

1/05 - Next time Double loupe technique for rubberdam isolation

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Adhesive preparing of enamel for veneer luting.

The first step is to etch enamel with phosphoric acid. The timing is 30 seconds.

Adjacent teeth are protected by Teflon or matrix band. Etching gel is being applied by brush than rinsed out thoroughly. Tooth structure has to be dried after this step. Next stage is to apply adhesive. If we work just in enamel – no need to use primer, only bond.

Pay your attention: the excess of adhesive can be removed by gentle air spay (important to control – there should be no water from triplex side) or by dry brush.

If adhesive is non filled and thin we can light cure it, if thick and

filled (like Opti Bond FL) we keep it on tooth non polymerized.

Now we can lute veneer.