exclusive personal course.

One on One

advanced format of education

Exclusive personal course

We launched advanced format of education -

individual courses “One on One”.
Only hands-on practice with full support by dr. Maxim Belograd

Formats 1 on 1

One on one.

(One person + dr. Belograd) 

Formats 2 on 1

Two on one.

(Two persons + dr. Belograd) 

Programs for personal courses

The idea of personal training is to complete the original group programs of BIG courses in individual format. 

How it works
You chose program and we can run it within one day.

Example: you chose BIG PREP course. It is 2 days course in regular format in group. But in personal training we will run it one on one or two on one just within one day.

Mastering veneer, crown and overlay preparations


Veneer Preps

Crown Preps

On-lay, Over-lay, Veneer-lay Preps

Anterior & Posterior Preps

Upper & Lower Jaw Preps

With and without magnification

Composite protocols for direct and indirect restorations and rubberdam


Full mouth rehabilitation with composites

Tooth wear

Single and multiple anterior and posterior restorations

Composite veneers

Wax up (digital) transfer into final composite restorations

Rubberdam techniques for daily practice

Veneers from start to finish


Photo/Video Protocols and Smile Design


Lab communication

Digital protocol     

Mock-ups and smile prototypes

Guided preparation

Temporary restorations

Veneer bonding and isolation.

Primary Endo, re-treatment, post-endo rehabilitation


Isolation in endo

Micro Access and Instrumentation

Irrigation and obturation

Pre-Endo build-up

Broken file removal

Core buildup and preparation for ceramic overlay

Fiber post placement and crown prep

We can also create an individual program for each participant.

Participation options:


You can attend this personal course by booking one or several days in advance. Dates and time can be discussed with course coordinator.


You can attend this personal course right after participating in any of regular module courses staying with us one or several more days.


Our prices

One on One
EUR 3 500 +21%VAT
per one day 
Send request
Two on One
EUR 3 000 +21%VAT
1 person per one day 
Send request

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