IDS (immediate dentin sealing). Bonding agent 4th generation. Episode 1/12

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1/12 -  IDS (immediate dentin sealing). Bonding agent 4th generation.

1/13 - Next episode you will see Veneer prep type 1.

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Welcome to our educational video series "1 minute".

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If dentin is exposed after preparation it should be sealed )according to IDS concept by Pascal Magne)

The sequence of procedure is following : 

- dentin is etched with phosphoric acid – 10 seconds

- etching gel is rinsed out, tooth is dried (dentin should be slightly moisten), then primer is applied for 20 seconds activated by microbrush, and dried.

-  adhesive is applied. We do this with thin brush that helps us to control excess and to spread adhesive over dentin surface precisely. 10 seconds light curing. Then we cover all surface with glycerine gel and light cure for 1 minute.

- now we need to clean finish line from adhesive. Hand instruments can be used (enamel chisel or curette)