Preparing of E.max ceramic veneer for bonding. Episode 1/7

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1/07 -  Preparing of E.max ceramic veneer for bonding

1/08 - Next episode you will see: rubber dam isolation for frontal arch

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Steps of e.max veneer bonding The first step of e.max veneer bonding is etching by hydrofluoric acid within 20 second. Concentration is around 5%. Then acid is rinsed out, surface of veneer is dried and phosphoric acid is applied for cleaning. This stage is not that important as for feldspathic ceramic but it is better to provide it. Next step is to apply thin layer of silane and keep it 1-3 minutes. Then we apply adhesive. If adhesive is non filled and thin we can light cure it, if thick and filled (like Opti Bond FL) we keep it on veneer non polymerized. Now we can lute veneer by utilizing light-cured composite material.