MODULE 2: All about composites+ RUBBERDAMology

Direct / Indirect / Semi-direct composite restorations for anterior and posterior teeth, COMPOSITE VENEERS + RUBBERDAMology



BG Academy


March 20-21, 2021 _NEW_


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The only one course where you will learn Direct / Indirect / Semi-direct composite restorations and rubberdam in real practical mix.

Best formula of teaching: 100% practice. 


Full assisted step-by-step protocols, different approaches and techniques, simplification and only practical nuances.


You will learn all secrets, tips and tricks of:

- RUBBERDAMology and secrets of isolation

- Direct Anterior Composites

- Direct Posterior Composites

- Semi-direct composite veneer and “copy-paste” technique
- Monolitic composite restorations, cut-back and multilayering 
- Transferring wax-up into patient mouth 
- Treatment of worn teeth

- Microscope utilization for composite restorations




Time: 2 days workshop


Speaker: Maksym Bilograd


Place: BELOGRAD Academy, boulevard Lesi Ukrainki 7-V (Jack House), Kyiv, Ukraine


 General information  (required to read) 


 Detailed course plan 


 DAY 1 

RUBBERDAMology, Composite Veneer(“Copy-Paste” technique) and direct restoration. Anteriors.


The secrets of Isolation and simplified time-saving composite veneering approach as well as free hand layering technique for anterior teeth.


Rubberdam component:

• Basic and advanced equipment for isolation

• Classic protocols of isolation in operative dentistry (endo | resto | prostho)

• Knots, teflon, retraction cord for 100% result

• Clamp modification

• Split-dam for anterior zone. 
• Anterior rubber dam isolation.


Composite veneer component:

• “Copy-paste” technique: when and how

• Transparent silicone and how to transfer wax-up into final composite restoration

• Preparation for composite veneer with split-dam

• Performing full anatomy semi-direct composite veneer

• Step by step bonding of semi-direct and indirect composite veneer under complete rubber dam isolation.



Anterior direct composite component:

•  Direct resin restoration. Simplified and advanced techniques

•  Simple and predictable protocol of color determination

•  Layering: from advanced to simplified
•  Class 4 restoration 
•  Free hand direct composite veneer
•  Finishing and polishing: life-like macro and micro texture
•  Microscope utilization during direct restorations 

 DAY 2 

Posterior Composite and isolation: direct and semi-direct techniques



• Isolation trick for posterior teeth. Split-dam, mimi-dam, complete isolation, clamp selection.
• Class I restoration: classic approach (preparation, layering, characterization, finishing and polishing)

• Class I restoration: simplified approach (“bio_copy” and “copy-paste” techniques)

• Class II restoration: classic approach (preparation, matrix and wedge selection, additional isolation, layering, finishing and polishing)

 • Bio-copy technique

• Wax-up transfer technique - direct and semi-direct techniques 
• Simulation of tooth wear and indirect composite restorations

• Cusp coverage technique 

• Finishing and polishing

AGENDA for all days

9.30 – 11.30 Hands-on

11.30 – 12.00 Coffee

12.00 – 14.30 Hands-on 

14.30 – 15.30 Lunch 

15.30 – 17.30 Hands-on

17.30 – 18.00 Coffee

18.00 – 19.30 Hands-on. Summary

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Place: BELOGRAD Academy,  boulevard Lesi Ukrainki 7-V (Jack House), Kyiv, Ukraine

Participants number: 13-14

Language: English

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The tuition fee includes: 

  • educational process (theory and practice with the operative microscope – participants work in pairs)  
  • meals (lunch, coffee breaks)
  • photo/video support

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  • international flight
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  • accommodation
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BG Academy


March 20-21, 2021 _NEW_



If you have difficulties with registration, write to one of our chatbots: 

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